Holistic Psychotherapist, Spiritual Counselor and Research Psychologist


    About Me

Dr. Bianca Chery is the Founder and CEO of Transcendent Consciousness, LLC. Ms. Chery is a research psychologist, an accomplished and noted holistic psychotherapist, and energy/spiritual healer residing in the South Florida region. As a psychotherapist with over 10 years in the field, Dr. Chery has had great successes with assisting hundreds of individuals in the therapeutic space. However, she began to become dismayed with the methods of the medical field as she noticed the field did not heal but managed symptoms through psychotropics and endless cycles of therapeutic intervention.

Noting this, Dr. Chery decided to break away from the conventional therapeutic methods and embrace a more holistic therapeutic model.  Dr. Chery has had the opportunity to assist and counsel over 1,000 individuals who have experienced spiritual emergencies that manifested and mimicked mental health illnesses. 
Through her methods, Dr. Chery has had the opportunity to intimately empower individuals to change their lives through various methods, including deep and detailed shadow-work and self-intimacy counseling. Those who have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Chery have been able to overcome bouts of depression and anxiety, have been able to stop taking psychotropics, been able to embrace their spiritual journeys, transmute their obstacles into their stepping stones towards success and are living empowered and successful lives.

Given the great success she has had in her career of one-on-one counseling, Dr. Chery is in the process of creating a course to show others how to self-heal by overcoming their own obstacles so that they can live empowered and transcendent lives.  Through her methods, Dr. Chery holds a healing space and invites you to dig deep, journey and explore the magnificence within and live your truest and authentic self.